Services > Gait Scan

Services > Gait Scan

What is GaitScan?

The GaitScan system is a computerised pressure plate which measures the distribution of force throughout a patient’s foot during each step. This state of the art analysis tool is able to produce objective detailed data that will aid in the diagnosis of abnormal foot biomechanics.



How does GaitScan work?

1) Scan Foot

As a patient walk across the plate, thousands of tiny sensors captures the amount of pressure being distributed throughout the sole of their foot over time.


2) Maps Foot Pressure

The computer displays 2D and 3D representations of the pressure under the foot.


3) Produces a Report

The pressure analysis report gives valuable information regarding how a foot is functioning while in weight bearing mode.


4) Determines need for Orthotic Therapy

This information will help to determine if a foot is functioning in an inefficient manner and if prescription orthotics can help to restore optimal foot function.

Features of GaitScan includes:

  • The ability to analyse walking, running and static stance.
  • Bilateral weight distribution.
  • Compare feature (Compares patients scans with an optimal foot).
  • Indentifies High Pressure areas of the foot and abnormal timing of a step.

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