Services > Posture Re-Education

Services > Posture Re-Education

To work well, our body systems need the right conditions for tissues and cells to function properly. Homeostasis is the means by which these internal body conditions are kept constant.

One internal system which helps to control this homeostasis is alignment or posture. It has been shown through extensive research that correct alignment of the skeletal system leads to more optical performance of the other controlling elements such as the muscular and nervous system.

When you start to think about the activities you do on a daily basis you can begin to see which activities lead to accumulative stress or strain. It is important to note that activities are not just defined as specific movement. Maintaining a sustained posture such as sitting or standing require continued muscular contraction.

So whether your activities involve spending extensive hours sat at a desk, running long distances each week, feeding youngsters or simply you have pain for no reason contact us for a full and thorough assessment.


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