Testimonials > Floatation Tank

Testimonials > Floatation Tank

"Floatation therapy is exactly what I've been looking for!  My whole life, I've enjoyed water.  I grew up 2 miles from the Mississippi river, learned to swim from a young age, have been involved in aqua aerobics and the two times I can recall waking up feeling completely refreshed was near water, so it comes as no surprise that flotation therapy is amazing (the best thing since sliced bread.)  


The beginning of July, a colleague brought the Emma James brochure about flotation therapy to school and suggested I look into it - the special for the Queen's birthday at the reduced rate was a real draw.  I have MS and teach children with additional needs.  Both things can be stressful on their own, but together with the end of the school year, because I teach music, the end of the year production is the most stressful time and I needed to find something to help me manage my stress levels.  That is why I tried flotation in the first place and it did what I had hoped it would and more. 


I've also been dealing with abscesses for over a year and the epsom salts have helped keep them at bay.  I have also found that it helped me get over jet-lag.  In the beginning, it did take a couple of sessions for me to discover the most effective way to relax.  Once I mastered muscle relaxation, it has been such a blessing.   The sensation of floating effortlessly in the water is incredible!  I highly recommend it and have recommended it to friends and family.  It has really helped me."

Wendi Meredith



"l so enjoyed my float this afternoon. l was not sure what to expect but it was wonderful and l now feel amazing and ready for my holiday on Friday. Thank you so much."

Ann Tobin


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