Testimonials > Lower back and pelvic pain

Testimonials > Lower back and pelvic pain

I would like to thank Emma and her team who assisted me with various aches and pains in my lower back, ankle and pelvis.

When I first came for assessment I knew a year and a half on from a difficult birth - pre eclampsia, emergency c section, under active thyroid, gestational diabetesĀ  and chronic pelvic pain, that my body had undergone a traumatic event and needed help. My ankle after an MRI scan showed a torn tendon which could also have been a reason why I was experiencing pain in other areas. Every time I walked to the park I experienced pelvic pain and on one occassion after an all day festival I found the pain so severe I could hardly take a step off the train to get home.

Emma's team educated me in how to rest my legs and gave me exercises to strengthen my lower back and legs. I had approx 6 sessions of physio working on my thigh muscles and lower back and Emma gave me 2 sessions of acupuncture and I was discharged feeling well on the road to recovery. The pelvic pain comes and goes but is no longer a permanant pain on my mind or severe and should I ever need Emma's support again I will return. I have since lost 2.5 stone and getting my physical health back will enable me to do all the things my little girl will demand of me in the future!

Highly recommended and thank you :0)


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